Click on the link to view my prezi for 4th blog on what a 21st century classroom looks like!
Dana Cope
3/28/2013 04:05:34 pm

I love your use of Prezi to blog about your case study! The PSA sounds like a great way to engage students to help make the world a better place. Napa Valley TV gives free information on how to create PSAs and post them on the Channel 27 public access station. They may even go out to Alta-heights to show teachers how to do this with their students. James Raymond is an amazing contact there!

Kevin Cope
3/29/2013 02:18:36 am

Kirsten- I am stealing your Prezi idea. There is a steep learning curve however I like the features.

4/1/2013 11:27:00 am

This project was meaningful for students and authentic on every level. Students having the opportunity to self select a topic based on curriculum studied provides students with a motivating entry point. By writing a driving question, students were required to focus on locating meaningful information. The use of storyboards are important in organizing the information. I remember having students create storyboards many years ago when they created Hyperstudio stacks. This was an essential step. The presentation to an authentic audience elevates the expectation for the students. Could we get an Alta Heights teacher and a Salvador teacher to work together? They could collaborate and their students could present PSA's to each other? That would be powerful!!


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