A.  This video was about a school named Forest Lake Elementary in Columbia, South Carolina. They use technology to differentiate the learning for their students.
B.  This school seems to be on the leading edge for technology use as far as any elementary school I have seen.  They have a TV broadcast that students use to make school wide  announcements and show student projects.  There are interactive white boards, laptops, desktops, palm pilots for recording student reading, student response systems, video cameras, and the use of Skype for authentic audiences with their NASA partner. Students are all working on different tasks at different stations.  The teacher is acting as a facilitator and meeting individual student needs while others are working. 
C.  It was great to see a  model of instruction that showcases technology and differentiation.  They must be a well funded school to have all of the tech equipment that they have. It was useful to see what an elementary school classroom could look like in the 21st century.
D.  This would be a great video to show our school staff so that they were able to see what they could potentially do with their students.  It would take a LOT of teacher technology training school wide to get to the level of this school.  It was inspirational in that even taking one of the tech integration ideas would result in greater student engagement.
Rating 4 out of 5

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